Saturday, April 25, 2009

Product Do's and Dont's

I'm doing a lil' something extra, because I didn't do the product showcase Friday.


1. Soft n' Shine Curl Activator Gel for extra dry

2.Any brand of beer(preferably organic)
will do ( use as a rinse)

3. No particular brand , but a good detangling
brush should look like this.

1.Dax pomade ( you should not walk around lookin' like Samuel L.Jackson
offa "Black Snake Moan")

2. This self-explanatory

3. Murray's Pomade: ( refer to 1.)

4.Royal Crown Hair Dressing: (refer to 1.)

5.Soft n' Shine Super Conditioning Gel:
Ran down my face like jherri curl juice

6. Soft n' Shine Polishing Styling Foam:
contains propane, what kind of *&#&$ i that ?

7.Stay-Sof-Fro Rub on Gel Hair and Scalp Conditioner /
Hair and Scalp Spray:Didn't do a dog'gone thing for me!

8.Sulfur 8 anti-dandruff shampoo
/hair and scalp conditioner:Petrolatum,Sulfates

9.Bronner's Brother Super Gro( how about Super No?)

Disclaimer: According to my lawyer, you can't sue me for saying how much dislike your product;because I am entitled to my opinion and I have freedom of speech.