Thursday, February 18, 2010

Light skin, Dark skin....Let it Be

If you are on Twitter, then you most likely know that the comedian Kevin Hart has been making some jokes about dark-skinned women. When slapped with the backlash he said, "I'm a's just a joke, jeeezzz....Don't be so sensitive....." But how could he be so INsensitive. He used to be my favorite comedian, smh.

But about a week ago, I found this poem, and even though I have light skin I feel the same way he does.

Ebon Venus
Let others boast of maidens fair,

Of eyes of blue and golden hair;

My heart like needles ever true

Turns to the maid of ebon hue.

I love her form of matchless grace,

The dark brown beauty of her face,

Her lips that speak of love's delight,

Her eyes that gleam as stars at night.

O'er marble Venus let them rage,

Who sets the fashions of the age;

Each to his taste, but as for me,

My Venus shall be ebony.

- Lewis Latimer