Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On the road again: from natural to texlaxed

Hey yall it's me Monee! I'll hurry up and get to the gist of the matter: I will no longer be natural and will begin to texlax my hair. I have a youtube video that goes into more detail and explains things further (

Key points I need to make to you all:

1. I still love natural hair: I think it's beautiful in everyway and it's a sure fire way to a head full of healthy tresses. I'm only 17, I have a long life to live( God willing) who knows where I might end up and what else I may do. But if I do go natural again, I most likely won't bc, but instead I will transition.

2. I will be working on changing the name of my blog from Naturally Beautiful Afrodite to something more fitting. I think that's only fair.

3. I hope that you all don't unfollow/unsubscribe from because of this choice.

4. I will still be doing product reviews, deep treatments, and other helpful how to's.
5. Most of my articles will be about texlaxed hair from now on.

6. Natural hair sistas are still very much welcome to participate and patronize my blog as before.

My resources:



I also did research through long hair care forum.

Very soon I will be running a twitter page all about my texlaxing routine/regimen/journey etc. it will feature hair care tips, product reviews and other hair related qwerks(?)
LOove you all much!