Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHH!: WTF is Terminal Hair Length

Terminal hair length: the terminal length of hair, meaning it has reached its maximum potential. So according to some, if you have have bra-strap length hair, then that's it for you. It is believed to be tied into the genes. If your genes say " you are only meant to have 64 inches of hair, " then that is it.

Here is why I don't believe in this:

1. I've seen too many women with hair beyond that length, from porcelain-smooth white women to the darkest chocolate of beautiful black women.

2. Even when I had a relaxer my hair was down my back.

3. So many people mistreat their hair, that it breaks off ,and this may be part of the foundational speculation of this theory.

4. There is not enough scientific evidence for this to be believable , in my opinion.
5.But what I do believe is:
"The phases of the hair growth cycle. It is easy to remember the lengths of the different phases of the growth cycle. Very roughly speaking: anagen 1000 days (or more),catagen 10 days ,telogen 100 days.The hair growth cycle, showing the changes from the growing of a new hair (anagen) to its shedding (telogen): notice how in anagen the hair bulb lies deep inside the scalp and then rises towards the surface before the hair is shed, then moves down again as the new hair grows." -This information provided by the P&G family of hair products.

The anagen phase is the period of time when your hair is growing.
The catagen phase is the resting phase of the follicle.
The telogen phase is the shedding phase of one's follicle.
The breakdown: Your hair grows for 1,000 days , rest for 10 days , and sheds for 100 days. These amount of time vary from person to person.
Hope this was informational :) Paz , carino, y amor. Chao Bellas!