Thursday, April 30, 2009

Naural Hair Emergency Kit: what every curly, coily,kinky woman should have just in case

Have you ever had a rubber band pop, lost a bobby pin,broke a stocking? Thus causing you to walk around having a bad hair day? With this simple,convenient kit; you will never suffer this again. It may seem like a lot , but put it in a pouch , in a big purse and go!

1.Denman Brush 2.Stocking(knee-high,panty hose,whatever)

3.bobby pins
4. favorite hair gel ( I prefer IC Fantasia)

5.spray bottle (preferably filled with water, something that will make the hair pliable for styling)

6. wide-tooth comb w/ rattail( for parting and styling)

7.Scunci or Goody ouchless bands
8. Favorite moisturizer