Saturday, April 25, 2009

Natural Hair Vocabulary

  1. TWA: teeny weeny afro
  2. Wash n' go: a wet style ,done for convenience
  3. Freeform: a natural who wears her/his hair not in locs.
  4. Nappyversary: a year spent natural, you start counting when you have one inch of natural hair.
  5. Shrinkage: the natural hair at its shortest length because the curls have coiled up together.
  6. Stretching:elongating or straighting the hair without heat; by banding, braiding or twisting.
  7. Co-Wash: a method of washing the hair, using conditioner only.
  8. No-poo: without shampoo
  9. Line of demarcation: where te natural hair and relaxer hair meet.
  10. Rabbit-tail: the 3b-4c version of a pony-tail, because of the bushy nature of the hair.
  11. Spritz: any kind of spray moisturizer that is left in or used to style or detangle the hair.
  12. EVOO: extra-virgin olive oil
  13. ORS: organic root stimulator , the brand ( I love their deep conditioner)
  14. Good Hair: hair that i healthy , beautiful and chemically free.
  15. Bad Hair: hair that is thin, brittle, unkempt( or is it unkept?) unhealthy, and TYPICALLY chemically-treated.