Thursday, April 30, 2009

Naural Hair Emergency Kit: what every curly, coily,kinky woman should have just in case

Have you ever had a rubber band pop, lost a bobby pin,broke a stocking? Thus causing you to walk around having a bad hair day? With this simple,convenient kit; you will never suffer this again. It may seem like a lot , but put it in a pouch , in a big purse and go!

1.Denman Brush 2.Stocking(knee-high,panty hose,whatever)

3.bobby pins
4. favorite hair gel ( I prefer IC Fantasia)

5.spray bottle (preferably filled with water, something that will make the hair pliable for styling)

6. wide-tooth comb w/ rattail( for parting and styling)

7.Scunci or Goody ouchless bands
8. Favorite moisturizer

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Product Do's and Dont's

I'm doing a lil' something extra, because I didn't do the product showcase Friday.


1. Soft n' Shine Curl Activator Gel for extra dry

2.Any brand of beer(preferably organic)
will do ( use as a rinse)

3. No particular brand , but a good detangling
brush should look like this.

1.Dax pomade ( you should not walk around lookin' like Samuel L.Jackson
offa "Black Snake Moan")

2. This self-explanatory

3. Murray's Pomade: ( refer to 1.)

4.Royal Crown Hair Dressing: (refer to 1.)

5.Soft n' Shine Super Conditioning Gel:
Ran down my face like jherri curl juice

6. Soft n' Shine Polishing Styling Foam:
contains propane, what kind of *&#&$ i that ?

7.Stay-Sof-Fro Rub on Gel Hair and Scalp Conditioner /
Hair and Scalp Spray:Didn't do a dog'gone thing for me!

8.Sulfur 8 anti-dandruff shampoo
/hair and scalp conditioner:Petrolatum,Sulfates

9.Bronner's Brother Super Gro( how about Super No?)

Disclaimer: According to my lawyer, you can't sue me for saying how much dislike your product;because I am entitled to my opinion and I have freedom of speech.

Natural Hair Vocabulary

  1. TWA: teeny weeny afro
  2. Wash n' go: a wet style ,done for convenience
  3. Freeform: a natural who wears her/his hair not in locs.
  4. Nappyversary: a year spent natural, you start counting when you have one inch of natural hair.
  5. Shrinkage: the natural hair at its shortest length because the curls have coiled up together.
  6. Stretching:elongating or straighting the hair without heat; by banding, braiding or twisting.
  7. Co-Wash: a method of washing the hair, using conditioner only.
  8. No-poo: without shampoo
  9. Line of demarcation: where te natural hair and relaxer hair meet.
  10. Rabbit-tail: the 3b-4c version of a pony-tail, because of the bushy nature of the hair.
  11. Spritz: any kind of spray moisturizer that is left in or used to style or detangle the hair.
  12. EVOO: extra-virgin olive oil
  13. ORS: organic root stimulator , the brand ( I love their deep conditioner)
  14. Good Hair: hair that i healthy , beautiful and chemically free.
  15. Bad Hair: hair that is thin, brittle, unkempt( or is it unkept?) unhealthy, and TYPICALLY chemically-treated.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Product Showcase: Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Leave-in Split End Protector

Some naturals,transitioners,or thinkin'-about-it's are looking for the good stuff to put in their hair. I've ran through a lot of products, so I've decided that I'm going to help yall out. Every Friday, I will showcase a product that I LOVEEEED! ( No this is not paid advertisement, I already have enough adsense ads on my page.) This is the real deal, I've used this stuff, and I now I'm helping yall by featuring a product that I've used and would buy again. Most of them are reasonably priced.

So without further ado...Drumroll please!
Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Split End Protector: First of all , it smells great. Like freshly-rained-on gardenias and roses with a tinge of Big Red bubble gum( I'm talkin' cinnamon to ya baby). Second of all, It DOES THE JOB. No matter what I do, how much I deep condition , or what I put on my hair ( except for my orange-infused oil) my ends are always crackly , dry, and crunchy.
Can I get an amen?
But if I put this on my ends after spraying with a little bit of plain water( to aid in absorption) my ends are silky smooth and soft. And OMG! It works so much better with shea butter.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Neglected Flesh: How to care for your scalp

So what's been the hold up? You deep condition your hair, why not moisturize your scalp?Your scalp is considered skin too. Don't your wash your skin? Don't you exfoliate your skin? Don't you get a massage every once in a while? Don't you lotion your skin? Then you need to do these things for your scalp. There are tall tale signs of an unhealthy scalp such as dandruff, seborrhic dermatitis,thinning from the scalp, receding hair line, alopecia,and sooo many other signs.

There are 3 simple, basic steps to caring for your scalp.
1.Clean: when you shampoo your hair, you should try to get the shampoo mostly on the scalp and not the hair; the shampoo will flow down the shaft anyway.

2.Exfoliate the scalp: dandruff and seborrhic dermatitis are both by-products of shedding , dead cells from the scalp. Exfoliating the scalp once or twice a month, gets rid of these dead cells; reducing dandruff and other scalp problems.

Both of these shampoo brands are trustworthy and quality without harsh detergents , such as the infamous sodium laureth sulfate.

3.Moisturize: oil your scalp, don't grease it. Petrolatum and mineral oil are NO-NO's. There are so many other alternatives, such as olive oil, canola oil, whipped shea butter, any pure , natural , organic oil that won't clog the pore.Place oil in color applicator bottle( availiable at Sally's) for easy application. You can infuse the oil with rosemary or peppermint, or add essential oils to stimulate the follicles.But if you are on a budget then use : Africa's Best herbal oil, which has no petrolatum or mineral oil and is all natural ( trust me I love it for my hair; Very good with sealing hair too.) or Hot six oil both availiable at Family Dollar, or anything found on the cooking oil aisle in your local grocery store( not the lard or Crisco.) LOL!

4.Massage: after you have moisturized your scalp, take the pads of your fingers and massage in upward circle motion. Do what feels right. You will quickly get the hang of it.

Tips: NEVER USE YOUR FINGERNAILS to massage your scalp.This makes the it tender.

Don't get braids done to tightly, this causes receding hairline and balding of the scalp in random patches(both forms of traction alopecia.)

Paz, carino, y amor.

Chao Bellas.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lost in the twist and bends: Detangling your hair

Sometimes we make detangling our hair a lil' too hard, or our methods are just not the best for our type of hair. In this post , I'm going to show you how I detangle my hair. This method is wonderful for me , with little to no breakage and smooth sailing. The two most important ingredients are moisture and patience.

What you need:
1. empty bottle ( I prefer pure water)

2. your favorite clips ( makes things go easier by keeping the hair out of the way)

3. wide-tooth comb with rat-tail ( wde teeth reduce breakage and the rat tail is for parting)

4. favorite moisturizer( I'm using a combination of whipped mango butter, cocoa butter, and other natural oils.

5. section hair off with comb and hold the rest of your hair with clips.

6. spray section of hair with water bottle.

7.apply moisturizer to section of hair.

8.comb through section of hair , starting at the ends(this is important, because it decreases the snags and tangles)

9. hair after being combed and moisturized.

10. Clip up finished section and move on.

11. after you have detangled all of your hair, style as desired!