Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lost in the twist and bends: Detangling your hair

Sometimes we make detangling our hair a lil' too hard, or our methods are just not the best for our type of hair. In this post , I'm going to show you how I detangle my hair. This method is wonderful for me , with little to no breakage and smooth sailing. The two most important ingredients are moisture and patience.

What you need:
1. empty bottle ( I prefer pure water)

2. your favorite clips ( makes things go easier by keeping the hair out of the way)

3. wide-tooth comb with rat-tail ( wde teeth reduce breakage and the rat tail is for parting)

4. favorite moisturizer( I'm using a combination of whipped mango butter, cocoa butter, and other natural oils.

5. section hair off with comb and hold the rest of your hair with clips.

6. spray section of hair with water bottle.

7.apply moisturizer to section of hair.

8.comb through section of hair , starting at the ends(this is important, because it decreases the snags and tangles)

9. hair after being combed and moisturized.

10. Clip up finished section and move on.

11. after you have detangled all of your hair, style as desired!