Friday, November 26, 2010

The Natural Chick! Epidemic

I titled my blogpost with "The Natural Chick Epidemic", in honor of Alicia James. Ms.James is a natural-haired sista who also is a singer. So far the only music I've heard by her is "Crazy in Love". When I first heard the song, my mother was watching one of Ms.James's Youtube videos and I thought it was a clip of a Jazmine Sullivan song that she'd inserted into the intro. Then I later realized that it was HER OWN RECORDING! Not to say that I'm putting her in the same box with Jazmine Sullivan, instead I'm speaking in reference to the quality of the recording and her skills.

As I said earlier she is natural and her hair is FAB-YO0H-LOUS darrrling! She has a youtube channel, where you can get to know her better and see what all she has been up to. SSoooo, go check out Ms.James and let all us naturals come together and bring this natural sista to the light!