Thursday, April 16, 2009

Neglected Flesh: How to care for your scalp

So what's been the hold up? You deep condition your hair, why not moisturize your scalp?Your scalp is considered skin too. Don't your wash your skin? Don't you exfoliate your skin? Don't you get a massage every once in a while? Don't you lotion your skin? Then you need to do these things for your scalp. There are tall tale signs of an unhealthy scalp such as dandruff, seborrhic dermatitis,thinning from the scalp, receding hair line, alopecia,and sooo many other signs.

There are 3 simple, basic steps to caring for your scalp.
1.Clean: when you shampoo your hair, you should try to get the shampoo mostly on the scalp and not the hair; the shampoo will flow down the shaft anyway.

2.Exfoliate the scalp: dandruff and seborrhic dermatitis are both by-products of shedding , dead cells from the scalp. Exfoliating the scalp once or twice a month, gets rid of these dead cells; reducing dandruff and other scalp problems.

Both of these shampoo brands are trustworthy and quality without harsh detergents , such as the infamous sodium laureth sulfate.

3.Moisturize: oil your scalp, don't grease it. Petrolatum and mineral oil are NO-NO's. There are so many other alternatives, such as olive oil, canola oil, whipped shea butter, any pure , natural , organic oil that won't clog the pore.Place oil in color applicator bottle( availiable at Sally's) for easy application. You can infuse the oil with rosemary or peppermint, or add essential oils to stimulate the follicles.But if you are on a budget then use : Africa's Best herbal oil, which has no petrolatum or mineral oil and is all natural ( trust me I love it for my hair; Very good with sealing hair too.) or Hot six oil both availiable at Family Dollar, or anything found on the cooking oil aisle in your local grocery store( not the lard or Crisco.) LOL!

4.Massage: after you have moisturized your scalp, take the pads of your fingers and massage in upward circle motion. Do what feels right. You will quickly get the hang of it.

Tips: NEVER USE YOUR FINGERNAILS to massage your scalp.This makes the it tender.

Don't get braids done to tightly, this causes receding hairline and balding of the scalp in random patches(both forms of traction alopecia.)

Paz, carino, y amor.

Chao Bellas.