Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Big Switch: How to go natural

In the world , I'm asked at least once a week " How do I go natural?" " How do I get my hair like that?" If people that I see in the streets have these questions, I'm sure you all have them too.

There are two ways to "go natural"; you can do the "big chop" or "transition."

The big chop is when you wait two or more months and then cut off the chemically-processsed hair from the natural hair. This method of going natural is the most recommended , because it gives you a chance to get to know your hair and it's needs. You can cut the hair off yourself or go to your local barber.(Notice I didn't say hair salon, but barber. Because you and I both know that would be nothing but hair drama.)The only con is that you have to be confident within yourself , because as an African-American woman you may receive a lot of ridicule from other people;for not only having short hair, but short, kinky hair.

Transitioning is letting your hair grow without the chemicals, and when desired length is obtained, cutting off the chemically-processed hair. Most women wear braids, twist, extensions, or curly styles that serve their hair in this phase. It is the more popular form of going natural because some women do not want to face the ridicule of other people and the "workplace" confrontation. The only con to this method is that when you cut off the chemically-processed hair , you'll have all of this natural hair and may not know what to do with it.
Whichever method you choose to go natural , do research on how to comb , detangle, wash, style, protect, preserve, and moisturize your hair. This way you don't not feel shocked and burdened with a new hair texture and end up running back to the chemicals.