Monday, April 13, 2009

Famous Textured Tresses: Natural celebrities in Hollywood

It is very rarely that we see a natural celebrity in Hollywood. But there are a few . How many are there...? Let's see!

1. Leelah James: singer

( yes that is all her hair. She's just wearing a blowout with a head band.)

2.Jill Scott: singer/actress

3.Gloria Reuben:actress

4.Angie Stone: singer/actress
5. Alicia Keys: singer/actress

6.T'keyah Kemanh Crystal: actress ( mom from That's So Raven), Comedian ( In Living Color)

7. Erykah Badu: singer/poet

8.India Arie: singer,poet

9.Yaya DaCosta: model( America's Next Top Model), actress

10. Rachael True: actress

11. Debbie Allen: dancer, actress, choreographer

12. Lisa Arrindell Anderson: actress