Thursday, May 21, 2009

Your "Bottom Line".

American society perpetuates the idea that our appearance is a defining statement about who we are and what we want people to think of us. African-American women have been trying to manipulate, control or find solutions to their "hair problem" since pre-reconstruction times. Our demand for beautiful hair in whatever form is what fuels the machine called "the Black Hair Care Industry". Product manufacturer's are sizing us up, assessing our needs, crafting and passing out the products. We turn around and giddily dole out our dollars on the next new "hair stuff".

Even though you may not be a conformist anymore because you've gone or are going natural; now you're free from chemicals, limitations on what activities you can participate in for fear you will mess up your hair and monthly salon visits. But has a price tag been put on this "freedom" already. Ethnic hair care products are a very lucrative market. The black hair-care industry collects billions of your dollars every year. Statistics show that black Americans spend more on hair than any other ethnic group. Blacks are one in every ten Americans in the U.S., but spend seven of every ten dollars spent on hair care and hair products in this nation. In 2000, studies showed that the median net worth of a household headed by a non-Hispanic white adult was $79,400. The median net worth of a household run by a black adult was $7,500. How can we be seventy percent of the hair care market with only ten percent net worth in the country, hmmm.

As the population of natural hair wearers increase a whole new avenue has opened up to demand its share of the black dollar. In my opinion we should definitely re-examine our spending and carefully consider every promo, sales pitch and new product that comes our way. "Money is Power", but not if you spend all of it on your head. Even though there is a little of a product junkie in all of us, maybe you may think twice before your next purchase. The bottom line? Try creating some strategies to keep that new look red hot and your wallet in the black.

Also, here are some very informative videos about the Black Hair Industry. Although they aren't directly targeted to natural hair, they are very informative. Enjoy the videos and thanks for visiting Symone's "Monee" blog-spot!