Tuesday, May 19, 2009

90-Day Ayurvedic Haircare Trial

I recently bought some ayurvedic powders from http://www.buy1free1.com/ . I've watched a lot of videos,read many articles, and browsed a myriad of recipes. When the package finally came ( after 3 weeks), I decided to make an ayurvedic oil, dividing it into a pre-poo oil, scalp oil, and leave-in/moisturizer.
The ayurvedic trial will be me using only this oil blends for 3 months to see if I notice a difference. Keep in mind that the summer time is approaching. This means I will be swimming. The chlorine might affect the outcome of my results. But I will try not to swim as much, so that the results are not tampered.
How I did it: First,I put 7 fl.oz. 100% natural , organic virgin coconut oil, 1/8 cup amla powder, and 1/14 cup shikakai powder; in a small crockpot for 15 minutes on low. After the coconut oil was melted , I added 1 oz . of 100% cocoa butter to the crockpot, until melted. Then, I let left it on low for 12 hours. Finally, when blend was cool enough to handle, I strained it through a double-folded cheese cloth. Dividing it into a pre-poo bottle, scalp oil, and leave-in/moisturizer.

Properties of Amla:
"Adds volume, enhances curl and texture to hair
Will not dye hair or skin
Is a facial scrub and Exfoliant, tones skin, is a natural astringent
Use as often as you like for healthy hair, scalp, skin
Non drying
is considered safe for those with chemical sensitivities, doctor should be consulted if you have any concerns" - HennaCaravan.com

Properties of Shikakai:

"- Provides new life to hair strands
- Strengthens hair roots
- Increases bounciness and silkiness of hair
- Clears dandruff
- Keeps the scalp clean and cool"-
1.Scalp Oil / 2. Pre-poo Oil / 3. Leave-in