Saturday, May 30, 2009

5 a,b,and c : the new hair type classification

By now, I know some of yall are thinking, "Whoa Nelly! New hair type classification? I thought that 4c was as kinky and nappy as it gets!"

Apparently, trichologist or dermatologist, have discovered a new hair type classification. People who fit into this hair classification need ample moisture and protection. Hair can be very curly and similar to the matted fleece of a goat, if left dry and uncared for.

It appears that this hair type is the best for twisting, sister locs, dred locs, and braids. You never have to worry about the hair unraveling. I would have uploaded more images of this hair type , but its discovery it so new , there aren't many images of it available.

Tips :

  1. use very heavy oils,butter,hair creams, and lotions.

  2. Deep condition as least once a week.

  3. keep a bottle of spritz available, and give hair a few pumps throughout the day.

  4. Oil or "grease" scalp at least two to three times a week.

  5. Keep hair in protective, low-maintence styles : such as two-strand twist, braids,etc.

I thought some of my fellow naturals were just being difficult, when they complained about extreme hair problems : dry hair no matter what they applied , numerous broken combs,________,_______, feel free to fill in the blanks. The realization that they may have been serious has now hit me.

All I can say is Lord ha'mercy on 'em. Water,vegetable glycerine, shea butter,and mango butter; will be their best friends.