Friday, May 22, 2009

Journey before the Journey

Experienced naturals always say, " You have to make the mental journey, before you make the physical journey."

The mental journey is when you come to terms with loving the highly textured nature of your hair. It's when you build your self-esteem up like a fortress, to block out those "haters". You know, the haters who hate you, because they hate in self-hatred. Hate the skin they're in. Whether it be golden honey, brown caramel, smooth chocolate or soft indigo; if you ain't hip to it's all melanin. Those who hate what grows out of their head, naturally, like corn grows out of the earth. I mean corn without the pesticides , insecticides,and genetic engineering. By now you should know that I'm saying, one has to be strong in who they are before becoming natural.

It doesn't matter if you have dreadlocks or an Angela Davis afro, no matter how fly you look or how bad you get down with it; "haters" are always looking for something to pass judgement on.
Don't become discouraged, because you will be celebrated and appreciated; oh! please believe you will! But the point in me writing this, is for you to be prepared for the negativity that may come your way.
Those closest to you may not understand your choice and need time to adjust. They will come to terms with and even envy your decision, because being natural is so liberating and fun.
Rock your natural or your twa ( teeny weeny afro) like no one is looking! Because whether you know it or not, all eyes are on you and your natural glowing beauty. Rest assured you give others the inspiration to make this wonderful journey.