Monday, July 27, 2009

Monthly Off the Subject: Seabreeze! Oh yess...

This stuff does it for me everytime! My face has no bumps,no more flaky skin,no more oily complexion,and my face feels so smooth and soft. I know yall are skeptical, but hear me out for a second. It can be used on the face,the neck,and chin. I say it's better than Proactiv; no joke! Some people use it to clean their scalps, when they're in the stage where it's not good to wash their locs. Everyone I know, including myself has at least three bottles in their bathroom cabinets. SOoooo, pleeeease try it out. You can find it in the cosmetic/personal care aisle in most drug stores, where all the facial washes are. I've only used the blue on, to the left. Not taking any chances with the other versions.

How I use it

  1. Wash face, then pat dry.

  2. Apply Seabreeze astrigent to cotton pad.

  3. Wipe face thoroughly with cotton pad,rubbing in upward circles.

  4. Do this at the most three times.

  5. Repeat with the neck and chin area.

Note: I do this morning and night. The worst thing about it is the sting, but after awhile you get used to it. Even if you don't I can tell you....IT IS WORTH IT!!!!! Just fan your face when you can't endure it anymore. Trust me, it isn't that bad.