Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dr.Miracle's Ad's: Am I the only one that's offended by them?

For many reasons, some of them vague;Dr.Miracle's ads offend some. When the women in the commercials let out that blood-curdling scream and have this clown-contorted facial expression,it comes off as buffoonery.The producers and editors of these advertisements, should think about the people who are actually viewing them. It doesn't matter who their targeted audience is.There are little black girls and boys, along with people of other races seeing these commercials.

When little black girls see how these women act, it may affect their self-image.They may begin to feel as if whenever anything goes wrong with their hair, they need to run to the chemicals. And if their relaxed hair looks this bad at times, then they wouldn't dare wear their hair natural!

It's not just the relaxer commercial that may bother a strong,black,and educated woman. With all the products, do the women have to have such strong reactions to their "mishaps"? A little black girl might look at this reaction and think "Do black women look that bad?" "Is that how I look?" "What do I have to do be beautiful?" "_____ women ( take your pick from across the racial spectrum) don't look like that." "They're not ugly. They don't have to put the "burning cream" in their hair , like mommy does me."

In one of the commercials, a black woman is in horrified-shock at how her hair looks, then her "man" or husband walks in and begins to tease her about her hair. What does this show little black boys? That whenever a little black girl has a bad hair day, it's okay to taunt and berate her? He may also develop a mental complex that women of other races look or are better than black women;because they don't have to carry out all of these complex rituals on themselves. This black boy will affect the aesthetic standards for black girls. If the black boys are not attracted to dark skin/4a-4c hair type, what does that mean for some little black girls? It means she will do whatever it takes to feel desired and accepted. She may use chemicals,bleaching creams,have surgery,and deny her cultural background.

As for how these advertisements depict black people to other races,it's embarassing. Black people might feel degraded when they watch them.So there is no telling what people of other races are thinking.It's highly probable, that they are amused and confused. Amused at the buffoonery of the actors. Confused at how black people beautify themselves,why would our hair be that tangled and matted in the first place if it's supposed to be straight,and is hair that important to them that they have to scream and cry over it? At times one may feel like it's a minstrel show all over again.

There are three posibilities about the unknowns that wrote,directed,produced, edited,and approved the commercial for broadcast. 1) They're oblivious to what some are seeing and feeling and it is all innocent. 2) They had no control over the situation and had to do what they were told. 3)They are fully aware of all the negative sentiments and stereotypes that could stem from their advertisment, but do not care; they just want their money.

In the end , some may see these advertisements as degrading and embarassing; and may not be purchasing anything from them until they are satisfied by future actions, as in changes.