Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ask Professah Monee: How Do I define my curls?

This is my first reader question ever, and I'm so excited! Answering my blog reader's questions has always been a desire of mine , because 1) I like to help people and 2) I would like to post your questions and their answers ,because other women might have the same question. So please feel free to email me. You will see " Email Me" to the right of my blog right around the "Followers" button. If you want to remain anonymous, please notify me of this in your message.

  • Empress Seduction:Hello I found your blog online and noticed how nice your natural hair looks. I went natural last fall and have struggled to find a way to create my natural curl formation. I try to avoid all chemicals etc. Yet nothing seems to work. Do you have any helpful suggestions? Take care and thanks for any help!

  • Professah Monee ( me) 1) wash your hair , detangle it with a wide tooth comb and your favorite conditioner, then apply Ic fantasia gel ( the clear one with the white top) rub it in like a moisturizer until your hair becomes slick , but not drippy and slimy. Then shake your hair ( like a wet dog lol) to separate the curls. Style as desired. 2) Co-wash hair, put hair in medium-sized two strand twist, on each twist section apply thick leave-in moisturizing cream, comb through section then twist. When hair completely dries, take twist a loose and finger comb until desired texture is obtained. If none of this works, send me another email .