Friday, June 5, 2009

Ode to the Afrodite: a poem called Beauty

This poem came about when I was thinking of an idea for a new post. My high school had recently held a talent show, and this young man, by the name of Theron Mcghee, entered one of his pieces. Honeychile,let me tell you! It's hard to get a standing ovation out of me, but I gave him one. Needless to say, he won first place for spoken word.So I sent him a message on Myspace, and asked him would he write a poem about natural hair for my blog. He said yes, and here it is.


lets take it back to 72

where everybody was rockin' the fros

yea the nappy do

none of those additives and straighteners

yea natural was the flavor

now it seems that everybody is haters

on those that are brave and bold enough

to wear the hair god has given them

the hair god has carefully picked for her or him

its crazy

as soon as the child is born they're checking the baby

"do they have good hair?"

"do they have bad hair?"

why should you care?

now there's nothing wrong with perms and hot combs

but lets not judge those that are bold

and know the roots of their home natural hair is beautiful

not something that should be considered as unsuitable

- Theron Mcghee, member of 'The New Left'
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