Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Hair: a Review

Okay, I understand what Mr.Rock (as in Chris Rock) was trying to do. But that movie really threw me for some loops. Some of the things that happened in the movie amazed me. All the health hazards of a relaxer and we are putting it in 1 1/2 year olds head? If I was a hair dresser, I wouldn't even do it;I'd say "No,I won't do it.She's too young." I agree with a lot of points that the natural sister from Law and Order made. Especially when she said, "Why is it that when I let my hair grow in its natural state, that is seen as being revolutionary?"

After seeing this, I want to make a movie called "Bad Hair: black hair from natural women's perspective." I would explore and explain the natural hair community on Youtube, the internet, annual natural hair conventions, and natural hair meetups. Honey chiiillle! That would be a movie to see!


Anonymous said...

I wasn't all that impressed by the movie. It just infuriated me to see how much we WASTE on that crap.

Lori said...

I like your movie idea. I say, "Go for it!" :-)