Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monthly Off-the-subject:Black roles in Hollywood

Are black roles in Hollywood degrading,disrespectful,demeaning,and or stereotypical? When was the last time we had a movie that made us feel inspired or proud? I'm tired of watching black movies with the storylines such as, single mother with trifflin' baby-daddies, men in jail with families on the outside being threatened by former,fellow gangbangers, a prostitute that gets saved and off the corner, and a young girl finally making it out of the hood only to have her "man" get killed as they're packing up to leave.

Do me a favor,REALLLY look at the picture to the right. Study it. Do you see what I see? This picture embodied everything I just said above and more. Do you see that negro Red Grant? And who in the hell( yes I said Hell) named the movie The WATERMELON Heist? The Rev. Al Sharpton should have marched when this movie came out.

I know y'all remember these great movies

Can we get a movie about a college professor of micro-cellular biology that goes back to the hood and helps inner-city kids make it out, no one gets shot or pregnant and messes up all their hardwork? What about a positive documentary on all the black doctors,scientist,engineers,pilots,and lawyers? Maybe a cinematic production on the talented black poets in America;the next Maya Angelou or Langston Hughes? In other words, can we get a movie with depth and meaning?

There may even be room for a Black horror movie? But who am I kidding? Black people are too cautious and attentive for there to be a black horror movie. We don't go exploring things! There will never be a movie about black people getting trapped in the Amazon ,after going on a hike, and being gobbled up by pitbulls with heads of anacondas and manes of lions.

Example: You're in a haunted house , you hear a ear-piercing scream and a loud bang.

  • White woman reaction: Oh my! I'm going to go see what that was! My cat Scruffy is up there! Someone may need help!
  • White woman's outcome: brutally mutilated with her cat licking the blood,leaking ligature marks of her neck.
  • Black woman reaction: Oh sh*t! Let me get my purse and go! Forget that cat! I am not worried about whoever that might be upstairs! I gotta save myself, somebody has to live to tell the story.
  • Black woman's outcome: on channel 14 news relaying all the details of her experience in the haunted house and if it wasn't for God, she never would've made it.<<<<>

Don't look too deep into this: leave the sensitivity and political correctness somewhere else.