Monday, July 27, 2009

Monthly Off the Subject: Seabreeze! Oh yess...

This stuff does it for me everytime! My face has no bumps,no more flaky skin,no more oily complexion,and my face feels so smooth and soft. I know yall are skeptical, but hear me out for a second. It can be used on the face,the neck,and chin. I say it's better than Proactiv; no joke! Some people use it to clean their scalps, when they're in the stage where it's not good to wash their locs. Everyone I know, including myself has at least three bottles in their bathroom cabinets. SOoooo, pleeeease try it out. You can find it in the cosmetic/personal care aisle in most drug stores, where all the facial washes are. I've only used the blue on, to the left. Not taking any chances with the other versions.

How I use it

  1. Wash face, then pat dry.

  2. Apply Seabreeze astrigent to cotton pad.

  3. Wipe face thoroughly with cotton pad,rubbing in upward circles.

  4. Do this at the most three times.

  5. Repeat with the neck and chin area.

Note: I do this morning and night. The worst thing about it is the sting, but after awhile you get used to it. Even if you don't I can tell you....IT IS WORTH IT!!!!! Just fan your face when you can't endure it anymore. Trust me, it isn't that bad.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Take-this-Journey Challenge!

I have created a challenge where everyone who participates must pledge to convince 3 people to go natural by July 2010. I'm giving yall a year. I'm almost there with two people. My mom and my lil' bro. My bestie has guaranteed me that she will go natural when she graduates high school....yeah. Won't get my hopes too high on that one.( If you're reading this Kay, don't get angry.) Soooo...yall do yall's best to bring some sistahs and brothas over to the "other side".

P.S: For additional support, refer them to my blog, especially my "Journey before the Journey" post.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Product Showcase:Organic Root Stimulator Lock and Twist Gel

This gel is great for twist and locs. I use it for my twist and on my father for his locs. It has great hold and makes the parts of my hair that are loosely-curled stay twisted. When I take the twist down , it gives me a wonderful twist out. As for dreds, it keeps them looking fresh,clean,and sharp! Trust me I know from experience.

It can be found at Wal-greens, Wal-Mart,and many beauty supply stores.

Naturally Handsome Spotlight

We are going to change it up a bit. Instead of a female spotlight, let's do a male spotlight. My lil' bro! Cory has been "natural" for 3 months.He's loc'ing up at the age of 6. I will continue to give you all updates on his hair every four months.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dr.Miracle's Ad's: Am I the only one that's offended by them?

For many reasons, some of them vague;Dr.Miracle's ads offend some. When the women in the commercials let out that blood-curdling scream and have this clown-contorted facial expression,it comes off as buffoonery.The producers and editors of these advertisements, should think about the people who are actually viewing them. It doesn't matter who their targeted audience is.There are little black girls and boys, along with people of other races seeing these commercials.

When little black girls see how these women act, it may affect their self-image.They may begin to feel as if whenever anything goes wrong with their hair, they need to run to the chemicals. And if their relaxed hair looks this bad at times, then they wouldn't dare wear their hair natural!

It's not just the relaxer commercial that may bother a strong,black,and educated woman. With all the products, do the women have to have such strong reactions to their "mishaps"? A little black girl might look at this reaction and think "Do black women look that bad?" "Is that how I look?" "What do I have to do be beautiful?" "_____ women ( take your pick from across the racial spectrum) don't look like that." "They're not ugly. They don't have to put the "burning cream" in their hair , like mommy does me."

In one of the commercials, a black woman is in horrified-shock at how her hair looks, then her "man" or husband walks in and begins to tease her about her hair. What does this show little black boys? That whenever a little black girl has a bad hair day, it's okay to taunt and berate her? He may also develop a mental complex that women of other races look or are better than black women;because they don't have to carry out all of these complex rituals on themselves. This black boy will affect the aesthetic standards for black girls. If the black boys are not attracted to dark skin/4a-4c hair type, what does that mean for some little black girls? It means she will do whatever it takes to feel desired and accepted. She may use chemicals,bleaching creams,have surgery,and deny her cultural background.

As for how these advertisements depict black people to other races,it's embarassing. Black people might feel degraded when they watch them.So there is no telling what people of other races are thinking.It's highly probable, that they are amused and confused. Amused at the buffoonery of the actors. Confused at how black people beautify themselves,why would our hair be that tangled and matted in the first place if it's supposed to be straight,and is hair that important to them that they have to scream and cry over it? At times one may feel like it's a minstrel show all over again.

There are three posibilities about the unknowns that wrote,directed,produced, edited,and approved the commercial for broadcast. 1) They're oblivious to what some are seeing and feeling and it is all innocent. 2) They had no control over the situation and had to do what they were told. 3)They are fully aware of all the negative sentiments and stereotypes that could stem from their advertisment, but do not care; they just want their money.

In the end , some may see these advertisements as degrading and embarassing; and may not be purchasing anything from them until they are satisfied by future actions, as in changes.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Product Showcase: Aphogee 2-Minute Keratin Reconstructor Treatment

Every now and again, we all need a protein treatment. I use this when my hair feels weak and malliable.The best type of protein is keratin, since that is what most of our integumental tissues are made up;as in hair,nails,and skin. My purpose for using protein treatments is to strengthen my hair.The secret behind protein treatments is timing. Leave it in too long and your hair will become hard and brittle, causing breakage. Don't leave it in long enough, and your hair won't benefit from it. The directions say two minutes, but for my hair, I leave it in for 3 minutes. Sometimes, I sit under a hooded dryer set on low, after it has been on high for a while to become warm. I find it at most beauty supply stores, but most definetely at Sally's. It's sold in 8-12oz bottles ,but I buy the cut-and-open package.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ask Professah Monee: How Do I define my curls?

This is my first reader question ever, and I'm so excited! Answering my blog reader's questions has always been a desire of mine , because 1) I like to help people and 2) I would like to post your questions and their answers ,because other women might have the same question. So please feel free to email me. You will see " Email Me" to the right of my blog right around the "Followers" button. If you want to remain anonymous, please notify me of this in your message.

  • Empress Seduction:Hello I found your blog online and noticed how nice your natural hair looks. I went natural last fall and have struggled to find a way to create my natural curl formation. I try to avoid all chemicals etc. Yet nothing seems to work. Do you have any helpful suggestions? Take care and thanks for any help!

  • Professah Monee ( me) 1) wash your hair , detangle it with a wide tooth comb and your favorite conditioner, then apply Ic fantasia gel ( the clear one with the white top) rub it in like a moisturizer until your hair becomes slick , but not drippy and slimy. Then shake your hair ( like a wet dog lol) to separate the curls. Style as desired. 2) Co-wash hair, put hair in medium-sized two strand twist, on each twist section apply thick leave-in moisturizing cream, comb through section then twist. When hair completely dries, take twist a loose and finger comb until desired texture is obtained. If none of this works, send me another email .